Eva Luna

11 Jan
Eva Luna

This will be my 3rd Salsa Fiesta and I am so excited. I love the fact that we have an entire weekend full of doing what we love. For an addict such as myself, it’s ecstasy!

I look forward to the workshops and socials and trying my hand -or should I say my feet! – dancing with the international dancers. I always find it amazing, however, that I have been dancing socially in Trinidad since the first time my mum took me to a Latin night at Attic in Maraval- I know some of you will remember that! I was maybe 15 years old with one hot foot, as Trinbagonians like to say! But it was only when I discovered Salsa Fiesta that my dancing really opened up, so-to-speak.

Suddenly my entire awareness of salsa and other dances grew, almost overnight, and I felt as though finally I had crossed over from it being something I loved greatly, to something I actively sought to improve as well. Now there were people I could learn from, styling, new music, videos, connections, new friendships… And this had made all the difference. Can’t wait for June this year!

Eva-Maria Flus