Clearing Up Myths About Ladies Styling

28 Jan
Clearing Up Myths About Ladies Styling

Ladies we have a situation upon us that we need to address together. We are being robbed and our stuff is being tampered with right in front of us.

The other day we were just falling in love with the dance, flirting with the guitara de la bachata and getting to understand the soul de la clave. There we were, learning, engaging, taking risks, making mistakes, beating up ourselves about it but trying again. There we were, learning, growing, dancing…

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a wotless piper made away with our stuff. We were left on the dance floor riddled with self-doubt, always comparing ourselves with others, impatient with our learning process and yearning, unnecessarily, for this concept of ‘ladies styling’ to make us better. Pero, what is this ladies’ styling anyway and where did our originality and self-confidence go?

We need to get our stuff back and clearing up some myths about ‘Ladies Styling’ is a good place to start. I couldn’t figure this out alone so I got some help from some ladies who continue to inspire me as I learn, grow and dance:

For me styling comes from a certain freeing of the mind. In order to style you have to be confident enough in your technique. Your styling will come out more naturally but I find that ladies are so eager to learn styling so early on in their dance education that it actually hinders the learning process. Styling comes from the ability to already be comfortable with your dancing.

~ Vera Rowe

I would say, it is not about a pattern of arms or designated movements more so about self- understanding, embracing your sexuality and interpreting the music

~ Marina Lopez

Styling doesn’t mean arms…styling, if anything embodies literally how you do things and goes beyond the arms.

~ Melanie Castillo

When you give a gift, the most important part is what’s inside not the bow on top. The bow is just to compliment it, same with styling. Styling is just adding to the awesome gift (dance). But it should not take over the dance.

~ Brianna Rios

I think that nowadays people focus on arms more than anything. Everyone should dance with style. So it’s just really dancing. My personal style incorporates more body movement but I try to give followers the tools to learn to style themselves.

~ Desiree Godsell

To me, one of the biggest myths is everything has to be so pretty and perfect and feminine. It’s not your hands and arms which a lot of women think. It’s also the way you move your body and the way you take your steps and push using the floor to move your hips.

~ Clemence Derival

Ladies styling is meant to enhance the dance and not distract you or your partner. It has to have a purpose and not be thrown in there whenever you feel like it. It is also not exaggerated and not used all the time. It should be subtle and sprinkled in sporadically

~ Veronica Castilla

Never focus so much on arm styling that you lose focus of your partner. Focusing on partner’s hands and body positions are imperative for social dancing.

~ Destiny Garcia

SO I think one of the biggest myths about ladies styling is that it’s supposed to make you look sexier. In my opinion what makes a woman look sexy while she is adding ‘styling’ is her confidence. It’s in a woman’s ability to know her body and know what movement feels good to her and doing it! When I hear this part of the song I want my hip to swing this way because it feels good and I’m unapologetic about it! Stop trying to impress, do what feels good and be unapologetic about it. Be a boss!

~ Monique Richards

Our stuff is ours, it’s what make us unique, individual, original and bada**. No one can steal it unless we give it away! No amount of ‘ladies styling’ can make up for that. So ladies own your confidence, own your process and develop your style. Continue learning, growing and dancing.

Karline Brathwaite

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